• MappedInWorld

    The Made in World Digital Map was created to connect people working in the tech environment in World.
    This is a non-profit project targeting people with different skills and companies from start-ups to established businesses.

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  • Saila Vibes

    Senti che buone vibrazioni?

    E’ arrivato Saila Vibes, il chewing gum di ultima generazione.
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  • Ride the Safety

    Ride the Safety: l’iniziativa di Bosch dedicata alla sicurezza per i motociclisti e lo spazio d’informazione, confronto e divertimento per tutti.
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Web Design

Born as Frontend Developer, developed as Backend Developer,
I love building complete and dynamic websites with CSS3, jQuery and Codeigniter.


David LaChapelle lover. I attended photography’s course at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia @Milano. Photography is still a great passion and I love following it.


Turn up the volume!
I simply can’t resist to music.
Every genre.
Every moment.


I work as Lead Frontend Developer @Digital Natives in Milano, building complex websites keeping an eye on code cleanliness, User Experience, SEO and Social integration.

Recent Work

I want to create awesome things for tomorrow.

The Team

Filippo Sarzana

Web Developer


A new fresh website

Yeah! After, I guess, three years I’ve decided to rebuild from scratch my personal website. And, yes, I’ve decided to use WordPress for it. Bye. Stay tuned!More is yet to come!

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